Welcome to MEDEA!

What is MEDEA?

MEDEA is the new accents and dialects resource from the Centre for Voice in Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Our unique identity as Scotland’s leading Institution for the Performing Arts attracts students from all over the world allowing us to record an amazing range of accents and dialects of English as it is currently spoken. MEDEA is a living document and the database will continue to grow with new recordings added on a regular basis – everything from Latvia to Liverpool, Belfast to Barcelona and beyond.

Why is MEDEA different?

This living archive is designed to complement existing web-sites but also introduces several new features.

Conversations allows you to hear dialogue between speakers whose accents often get confused, usually because there is some similarity of sound – Australia and New Zealand, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Canada and General American, for example. These conversations will help you directly compare and contrast the differences so you can be sure you have the right sound shifts as you develop and embody the new dialect for yourself.

Dialects in Performance contains visual recordings of contemporary monologues that have been written in specific accents. Grateful thanks go to the many playwrites who have so generously donated their writing in support of this project.

Standard English (RP or not RP- that is the question) and Research (a digest of the latest thinking on dialects)

Getting started with MEDEA